Since 2007, Marks Brothers Production have endeavoured to create original, high production, narrative content. Because great stories, told well, kick ass. Here's a small selection of our favourite projects.





the wind cries — short film

When Tennessee Lee and his wife, Jane, subjugate the Franklin Private Bank, it is not the riches in the vault they are after, but the legacy that their act will leave behind.  

sweatshop — Series

See Jackson Silver in his quest to open his own mind and body gym, save his relationship, and make the best Star Wars references.


waste of time — short film

30–year–old John hasn't left his parents garage in ten years — but today he could... in a time machine.

Topfest 2016 Top 16 Finalist

werewolf — music video

Music video for Hey Frankie's single "Werewolf". Produced in conjunction with Savvy Cinema.


shotgun! — proof of concept

When Sam Robinson gets caught in the middle of an old gang rivalry, his life will change forever.

joshua — short film

JOSHUA is a modern day micro budget silent-epic-romantic-comedy.